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Informative sermon done by pastor Doug Batchelor of Amazing Facts. Speaking from the word of God about the dangers of Ghosts, Spooky Spirits and Halloween. I don’t own the copyrights to this video and it was uploaded strictly for educational purposes. Enjoy & God bless!

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goodsman40 says:

I trust his preaching it is compatable with the kj Bible

jesusfilledphil says:

Doug Batchelor is good, and I think he certainly knows the truth about things. He is a proper pastor who doesnt skip around alkward subjects or doctrines, he speaks from the Bible and he makes sense! My doctrines on Hell have been changed because of his Hell sermon.

Kerston Espinoza says:


siclucky says:

according to the Bible there has been no ressurections since Christ left this Earth….he is in heaven pleading on our behalf to the father till his second coming that is when there will be the 1st and 2nd ressurections (Revelation 20)….The only way we will know whether we are dealing with angels or demons are by the messages that they bring to us…”By their fruits you shall know them” if what they are saying isn’t Biblical then we know that they are not of God….God Bless!!

donvance says:

If they tell you I am your Uncle Ralphy, or I am mom, or dad, and smell like dad, and look like dad, and sound like dad, but dad has passed away, then since you have read Scripture, and know the truth about death, that death is sleep, and all who have passed are awaiting the 1st or 2nd resurrection, you will know without a shadow of a doubt that it is a demon or fallen angel, sent to deceive you into believing whatever Satan wants you to believe in these last days, and this is exactly what will happen! Remember 1/3rd were cast down and they do Satan’s bidding! Be grounded in truth, and be not deceived!

just1nita says:

Mathew 27:52, they raised from the dead..its there in writen form,. You can not know if God has or hasn’t risen others sense than, only the lord knows that.And also good angels could appear to help grieving loved ones,or helping someone in there last moments, so how do we know if it’s the devil or fallen angels that are the spirit we are dealing with?

donvance says:

If anyone comes to you claiming to be back from the dead, such as your dad, or mom, or relatives, you will know that they are demons giving an appearance of dead loved ones, to be used in the last days deception of those who are not grounded in the truth. If you do not know that the dead praise not the Lord. And that your thoughts perish when you die, and you rest in peace as they say, and do not go to heaven in an instant, then you know that these are not your dead loved ones! If you do not know the truth you will be easily deceived by the falsities they will spew out of their mouths, to convince you that SUNday is the true day of worship, and that they have been to heaven and back and it’s a place you will go to if you just bow down and worship the beast and his image (SUNday worship). And on and on! That is a quick analogy of why people will be deceived, because their lamps have no oil! (They have not spent enough time in study of the Bible to know that death is sleep, and people do not go to heaven or hell immediately after death!) They await either the 1st or 2nd resurrection! Satan wants the world to believe we have immortal souls and we therefore have to go to heaven or hell immediately. Now his demons can look like mom, smell like mom, sound like mom, in these last days, and they can woo you into believing that Satan is Christ when he comes and deceives the masses that he is Jesus! Jesus’ feet will not touch the earth at His 2nd coming, and that will be your first clue you are being deceived! Hope this helps! GB

siclucky says:

ur welcome

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