Fox 40 News with Pastor Doug Batchelor on End of the World

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Pastor Doug Batchelor explains why Harold Camping is wrong, and that selecting dates for the end of the world is reckless.

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zipsbooksrenter says:

In response to someone. Should I not tithe because some churches (not all) are crooked? The Word says give just 10%. You don’t miss taxes! It is to be given to the poor and the ministry. If your funds are abused that is for God to handle. The fact is you gave and proved self discipline and will be blessed. SDAs beliefs support the Sabbath who millions died from the hands of those who sought to control it (the Catholics have it in quotes they changed the day). And who more prepares us for he end?

zipsbooksrenter says:

One person said those who wrote the Bible still believed the world was flat. In job (mail 1greysheep@gmail for the verse) describes the world as a sphere and said it hangs on nothing. We must read before speculation. Those who wrote the scriptures were inspired as said!

GokyBoo says:

READ THIS PLEASE: Guys don’t be confused about the may 21 , and the false Prophets , remember The bible says about them , and also about the others who will claim that they are Jesus. and they Deceive people , THEIR JOB IS to make you think all is FALSE and that there is not GOD!. but they are Completing the prophecies by doing that! because Bible says about all these things and when everyone stop believing in god* that they will lose their faith! Because of those False Prophets. etc…

taylordemesmin says:

mister bachelor is The man LORD GODis using that man

Christiancanada70 says:

God bless Pastor Doug for putting things into perspective, according to the Scriptures. Unbelievable how the whole world is full of vain human speculations and sunk into confusion when all they have to do is just read the Scriptures and see how it goes along with history (His story Jesus’ story) as well as archaeology to back everything up.

miiitymous says:

There are definate signs given in the Bible, and most of them have not appeared yet. That is why he said that. The Bible should be your foremost guide, not a minister or pastor. Pray and read the Bible; if you have a sincere heart to know the truth, God will open it to you.

donvance says:

People today say,”but my pastor says………….” What does the Bible say?

howtobible says:

WOW! Brainwashed simple minded followers! If hell is real then so is Santa! See ya! Gotta go watch the HISTORY channel! Seems they have UFO’s on sand scripts in the Egyptian pyramids… Another weird oddity not really touched on too much in the bible… Along with the fact that the people who wrote the bible who still thought the world was flat.. God Bless!

donvance says:

Hell is not a physical place, it is an event! It is when God brings fire down from heaven and destroys the wicked, including Satan and his fallen angels or demons, and the wicked who did not accept Jesus’ gift of covering, or blotting out their sins! The eternal part of hell is it’s consequences of a person’s non existence is eternal or forever! You use bad logic in your assumptions. Santa is an anagram for Satan! Santa knows if you’ve been sleeping, knows when you’re awake, knows when you’ve been bad or good etc. He is saying he is all knowing just like God! He is also omnipresent! He can be on every rooftop in one night. Where does he come into the house? In the fireplace of course! Do you see that Satan’s trying to replace God with this SANTA character, just the same letters transposed! No coinkydink here. He also has the North Pole representing heaven, he has little elves(fallen angels or demons) and his suit is blood red too! He has the white wooly beard of the Ancient of Days as well! So much for your calling people simple minded! Your assumption that just because people lived in that time they all believed the world was flat! How in the world can you assume that? Just looking at this should scream to you that there is a Satan, so there must be a God! Or just go out at night and when it is clear look up at the stars, leave your cell phone in the house first, and spend a little time contemplating how the universe cannot have an end, because if it did, there would have to be something on the other side of the end?? Also, regardless of your right to believe He does not exist, He allows you your every breath, and loves you dearly!

MinecraftKitten5 says:

I belive that it will end cause it started with hati then japan now vancouver it will really be scary cause i live right in vancouver so god bless

sskl123 says:

Him saying that it is not tomorrow is just as arrogant as someone saying it is tomorrow…

smooothlegs says:

God Help US

RochelleHansonMusic says:

Ahhhh :) the world needs more people like you Pastor Doug :) Bless you.

hey413m says:

Also, Jesus was transfigured there, representing the new, glorified bodies which will be given to the saved.

hey413m says:

Good to see truth on the news, instead of the overwhelming deceit and ignorance that many people preach about the 2nd Coming.

hey413m says:

Many have been confused about that, but it was saying that they would see a representation of the 2nd Coming. Jesus went up to be translated into heaven on the mount. Moses, who represents those who would die and be resurrected to heaven was there. Elijah, who represents those who would be alive at the 2nd Coming and go to heaven never having died, was also there. It was basically a preview of the 2nd Coming, which is the coming into the Kingdom. Thank you for your time.

leland1949 says:

A True Prophet Of God; Reveals The Gospel Of Christ, for the reason of Man’s Eternal Salvation. Pastor Doug Batchelor, is a good and faithful Servant Of The Lord “Jesus Christ”. ;-)

jtlabs says:

The Greek word for here is “hode” (strong 5602) which can also mean “there.” So to me, especially when put in the proper context of his SECOND coming, the verse indicates that he is talking about the last generation. Also please explain your response. I know you do not agree with my interpretation but I am just trying to figure out why you do not think its logical, especially give Math 24:3? Thanks.

jtlabs says:

Yes, but remember the Apostles questions in Mat 24:3. Jesus in His wisdom responded with a prophecy that foreshadowed events to come in our day.

OurSword says:

Amen pastor Doug, keep spreading the truth :-)

endoftimesisnear says:

i met doug, well seen him

squint28 says:

ya gotta love doug!

imSOcuteiiiii says:


87leeana says:

Pr Doug did a great job, he was sincere and genuine with his answers trying to uplift God and give the truth whilst not accusing or blaming anyone.

Myhopeisinhim says:

she claimed she had a vision that explained the santuary message and even for a brief time believed that anyone who hadnt accepted their message had been shut out and those that believed had entered the feast or what not with him.

Claiming new light with visions is why people classed her a prophet who predicted things. She did predict what she thought happened and even predicted that many alive at that time would see him return as per vision.

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