David Asscherick speaks at Oakwood University

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David Asscherick speaks at Oakwood University Church’s Sabbath evening program on April 17, 2010

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ratzshit says:

this is amazing and this pastor takes no prisoners!

treefellonya says:

How does Mr Asherick know that the so called “conspiracy theorists” don’t know that what he knows about 911 is not true? :P

I love that guy.

Joeru707 says:

Based on thr argument of Jonathons name, you are mistaking his identity. How can you know gods identity? Could you not be mistaken?

Shon Curry says:

David is an awesome teacher Lord protect him

chadro777 says:

Let me ask you a question? I say this in complete love. I am evil and you are evil, without Jesus right? Would you being evil, burn someone for eternity for a 60-100 year life here on earth? If not….. do you think God in his infinite love could punish someone like this? I think that the theology that a man has an eternal soul is Greek mythology, duality of the soul. As christian’s we believe that God made man a living soul, and eternal life comes only through Jesus. All others die or perish.

Awake4Truth says:

Of coarse SDA’s believe the wicked are going to hell. The difference is you believe the wicked will be tormented for all eternity when the bible teaches it’s an eternal punishment. Meaning they will be burned up and never again exist for all eternity. Just like Sodom and Gomorrah Jude 1:7 is S & G still burning? No! But the punishment is eternal.
Please watch -
18 The Good News About Hell – Part 18 Discover Prophecy Seminar
Very clear biblical truth :)

168nas says:

He is a very talented teacher but sadly seven adventist believer do not believe the wicked will end up in hell when they die if they won’t repent. This give me a consideration about his teaching.

JessLove724 says:

Wow. He gave me alot to think about!

WakeupFreinds says:

Such a talented and gifted Pastor and I am sure the Holy Spirit is with David. But when I see the small amount of views this one sermon gets, compared to the insane amount of hits some of the rubbish out there receives it saddens me, that in today’s world more ppl haven’t accepted Jesus.God Bless David and his ministry and all the other Godly ppl and ministries out there to. …Never! be afraid to ask Jesus in ur heart and come as u r is what God tells us, do not try and fix your self 1st. =D

glenbobsoapshop says:

Check out Eugene Prewitt, also very good.

decristonina says:

God bless Pastor Asscherick and his Ministry.

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